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Sometimes - not often - we get a little time.  Most of our guys are keen photographers (designers prefer expensive, time-consuming hobbies that are impossible to master completely), and we also like playing with nice pictures and layouts.  So, when we have time or need some inspiration, we.. indluge ourselves, by going through the photos in our collections, and the stock photos we have in our library. Photos can suggest things to you.  Here's what some of our favourite shots have suggested to us.  All of these designs are available for use on your website right now - we'll customise them to your needs, load your content, and away you go. 
Art Cinema

We've made this one look like a cinema, but really the main things about it are the striking photo, old paper style, torn at the edges, but rich in the middle. Lots of businesses could use this template.

Got a festival? Need a website? MusicSitepro also has a built-in calendar and booking system, should you wish to find out more...

Rousillon; travel / accomodation / art

Here's a design based on some source photography we took in Provence in 2010. It's a classic design using rich reds and blues, plenty of semi-transparent effects, and classy serif fonts. If you have great source photography (or you want to use ours), but you still want people to read your content, this could be the layout for you.

Need inspiration? Need to give inspiration? No matter what the image you need to portray, we can help!

Ariol Couture; fashion

This design might suit a clothing designer, fashion label or mail order operation, as well as, with a bit of re-branding, a singer-songwriter.
Rian's Group; business

Is this your business's new website? You needn't be a music business to use one of our templates...

Station; travel; art

Train pulls into Santa Barbara station at sunset. We happen to be there. We all love this photo - there's a human sort of quality to it even thought it's a photo of a train. It's a little darker, it says something about just going off into the distance to see what's there (Los Angeles, in this case).
Old Barn; agriculture; travel; art

So, if you take photos and design websites for a living, you can't just drive past barns like this. Especially when the sun's going down. You have to stop and photograph it till it disappears into the ink. That's what we did. There was one point where the sky went deep blue while the grass was still red with the sun on it, and, well that's what you see here.

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