Website designs from MusicSitepro

Here at MusicSitepro, building cool websites for musicians is what we like to do most of all.  So when we're not building cool websites for real musicians, we're building them for pretend musicians.  That's what the templates on this page are; we've got a hold of some stock images and built some cool stuff in our spare time.  Not that we have much of it....
They're all real sites, with just some dummy content on them, so feel free to go ahead and have a click around in them; and if you like one of them, we can deliver you a website just like that.  Maybe they'll help you with some ideas.  (Want to see some real sites we've built recently?  Take a look right here....)
Please check back regularly - we're adding new templates all the time.  Enjoy!
Artist & Band series

Business series

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