Professional websites for musicians

MusicSitepro is for musicians:
  • who don't want to build their own website
  • want web design experts to do it for them
  • want technical experts to host it and look after it for them
  • want personalised service, over the Internet
  • don't want to pay the earth for it

    It works like this:

    1. We design your website

    It's really simple. You can have a look at our designs, and if one takes your fancy we'll base your design on that, or you can send us your logo, colours and photos, tell us what sites you already like, and we'll custom build you a site.

    2. We load your basic content

    3. Send us your albums, photos for your gallery, and your press info. We'll load it all and deliver it right in your site.

    3. We make it live

    Domain name, site analytics, our techies sort it all out. Then your website goes online. If you had a previous website, we can make a copy of it for you.

    4. We send you your login details and you start updating your site

    Using our world-class, easy-to-use system, you login and make changes to your site. Total control, and easy to use.
    Want to know the cost?
    Get a free quote for your website -->

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