The Artist & Band series

Here at MusicSitepro, building cool websites for musicians is what we like to do most of all.  So when we're not building cool websites for real musicians, we're building them for pretend musicians.  That's what the templates on this page are; we've got a hold of some stock images and built some cool stuff in our spare time.  Not that we have much of it....
Musician 1  Classical

A clean, sharp layout, the sort of thing that's popular with classical or semi-classical musicians and soloists. Some singer-songwriters might choose this kind of layout as well. Plenty of space, and nice readable text, on white. The colours we chose to complement real wood instruments. You don't have to be blonde.
Musician 2  Singer-songwriter

Need a strong, simple layout that uses the screen space as efficiently as possible and adapts to the device? Got one really good picture? This could be the one for you. Check out the mobile preview for this site.

Musician 3  Classical, traditional

This template oozes class.  It's warm, classy, and flatters photos of real instruments and dark, live performance shots.  If you've got a lot of these, you wear black on stage, and you still want it vibrant, this could be the one for you.  Note: there isn't really a string quartet in Manapouri.  Probably. 
Musician 4  Singer songwriter

A bit dirtier, here we've used some cross-processing on the backgrounds (and on the example content images we've used) - but we've gone to white for the pages, and stayed clean, because we don't like websites you can't read.

Musician 5  Classical, traditional

A favourite layout of ours, this one also uses colours that flatter real wood instruments, although in the example content, we've de-saturated the pictures. This site takes advantage of big monitors without the nasty rescaling that can make your website render unpredictably.  Also good for reading, if you're not into the whole brevity thing.  
Musician 6  Classical, traditional

They don't come any warmer than this. The ultimate in burnished glowing fuzziness. All you need is one great photo, a couple of of review quotes, a bio and a few upcoming shows and you can make people feel happy straight away.

Musician 7  Classical

This one's all class. If you're the sort of classical guy who's into deep reds and browns, and you like to write with a pen on old parchment (or you want people to think you do), this could be the template for you.
Musician 8  Singer songwriter

Bit dirtier, bit grainier and a darker sort of look - but we've kept the content panels really clean. This one might suit if you want to look just a little more grungy, bit still you want a website that people can actually read...

Musician 9  Singer songwriter

Here's a light, open layout that's optimised for reading text. Looks great on desktop and iPad and has an optimised smartphone layout as well. The look is classic and unfussy. You need one great picture to use this. That's it.
Musician 10  Classical, traditional

Here's a template that might be ideal if your promo images are predominantly B&W, and especially if they're close-ups. The look is classic, so we think it would work for classical musician or a traditional one.  It's framed pretty tight, so if you just want six pages with some music and a contact form, maybe this is for you.  

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